Need some help adding a bumpy texture to this object

I am trying to figure out the easiest way to add a texture similar to the attached photo example.

It would be a series of cutout dimples.

I am attaching an example photo showing the texture I am after.

I have also attached a sample drawing that has the object that I would like the texture created on.

I’m using Rhino Version 6

Thank You,


Example Drawing.3dm (94.0 KB)

Just a quick update on this project…

I know there is probably a better way to get this done… but here is the latest approach I took.

I created a series of points spaced .25" apart

I then used the Project command to make a copy of these points onto the surface of my object.

Next I created a Sphere and copied this from the center of the sphere to each one of my points

Next I took these spheres and moved them up or down in the Z axis to get the desired depth of dimple that I was after

Next I used the Boolean Difference to extract theses Spheres from my object to get the texture.

I’ve attached my updated example ( it still needs some work… but I’m getting closer )

Updated Example.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello- there are a few ways to get the points onto the surface - if project gets you the locations you like, that is easy and fine. To place the spheres, consider OrientOnSrf or Splop. Make your initial reference point embedded in the starting spehere to the depth you want to embed on the target object.Updated Example_maybe.3dm (1.0 MB)


Thank You very much Pascal…

The OrientOnSrf command did the trick.

I had attempted to use that command, but what I was missing was placing that point inside the Sphere at the depth I was after.

Thanks again…