Need some advice on how to create a solid floor on this object

I am trying to figure out how to create a solid floor on this object that I will eventually be able to boolean union together with the round tube object…

The attached example drawing along with a screen shot shows the curve line where I would like to create the solid floor. I want to create a floor that is about .02" thick and it will pull up into the tube structure and then boolean it into one solid object.

The easiest way for me explain

what I want to end up would be to imagine taking a piece of sheet metal and wrapping it on the bottom side of this tube structure to create a flat bottom that flows along the bottom of this structure.



Example.3dm (200.4 KB)

Hi Kent - I guess something like this?

If so - one way is to first make sure that your object is symmetrical on X if that is the intent, 'cause it is not… then get that ‘edge’ curve as a new clean 2d curve and extrude it.

Then you can trim it with the (also made symmetrical) 3d curve laying on the surface and OffsetSrf.

Getting it trimmed and joined into the tubey thing might be a challenge.

Your file tolerance is .01, and the radius of the tube in the region of .03 - that is far too close to tolerance - building something this size, you should be working at .001 from the start - see


Hi Pascal…

YES! That is what I was looking for…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction…