Need rhino like rn

HI, am trying to buy an educational license because I need rhino ASAP, but it seems that I have to wait till they see my information. Also, I’ve tried to use the evaluation while I’m waiting for the checkout and I can´t get in because it says that my period has already ended!!

Hello- I do not think there is anything to be done about that, at least not that I know of. Are you buying directly from mcNeel or through school bureacracy? @jody - can we be of any hlep here?


Directly from mcNeel, with an school certificate

I just looked and I do not see an order in the system from the email address you are using here in the forum.

When you place an order through our Buy page, you should receive a confirmation of of that order in a few minutes.

Your proof of EDU status will be verified by a human in the order it was received, and be processed during business hours.