Need helps about assigning level parameter of direct-shape geometry

Hi, as I’m quite new to RiR so I’m wondering if it is possible to assign the level parametre values to the direct-shape Brep. For example, if I have 70 pieces of facade which already panelized I need each of them to be assigned Revit level parametre like piece a b c d is on the 2nd floor, so that I could spread them in the Revit schedule. Maybe the thing is that I’ve tried looking around but didn’t found the right definition for this matter.

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Kian, To make a parameter schedulable it needs to be shared.

Add a new shared parameter to the project as an instance parameter on the appropriate category. You can then add the value to your elements & see it on a schedule.

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Japhy, appreciated for answering,

Maybe it was my unclear question. My intention is to assign the elements an existing Revit level parameter, to be more specific, the same one that is used for assigning Revit element like walls, door, panel and so on. Because if I add new shared parameter that means I will have another level parameter if I understand correctly. Is it because of Level parameter belongs to Revit system parameter so that RiR is not capable to edit or touch? However, from your suggestion I can see that, possibly I can use the level parameter from the Revit as a input for the name slot of shared parameter definition right?


I also check this instruction YouTube and found that David mentioned about Set Element Parameter and add shared parameter which I think the key to my question. However I don’t have neither of them on my RiR is it because of the released version?

Kian, If the goal is to be assigned to a level, like walls etc you will need to use families vs Direct Shapes.

The Shared Parameter component was a workaround, you still needed to assign it to an external file.

If you insist on direct shapes you could supply a text parameter and have it show in a schedule, to tag it it would need to be a shared parameter. (14.5 KB)

I see, also In did try that one already. Still, as I mention about the missing component refer to David instructions video, it make me more curious why I couldn’t find set element param and add new shared parameters. Do you have any idea? You can check from the picture I attached earlier if my tab is incomplete or not, really appreciate your help.

I see, sorry that I didn’t wait for your reply, I am a bit in hurry. Let me try first. Thank you so much for help.

Here is a little more information on why the Shared Parameters component wasn’t really a shared parameter. RIR shared parameters not shared - #3 by eirannejad


We merged ‘Get Element Parameter‘ and ‘Set Element parameter’ into one component called ‘Element parameter’ that is able to get and set.