Need Help to create complex geometry

Hey Guys,

I want to create a double curved shell from same-sized hexagonal ‘roof tiles’.

Thats how it should look like:

The hexagonal-shaped tiles have a thickness
of about 20 cm.

The two arc-radii are the same ( not clear yet). I think it should be possible to built this shell from same sized pieces.

My Question is how to create one of those hexagonal double curved shell tiles. Especially it’s hard for me to create the inclined side-surfaces.

I’m pretty new in using rhino and grasshopper so it would be wonderful if someone could help me.

I hope you are not new to geometry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: because I think hexagons pave the plane and your surface doesnt seem to be a plane. So you will have to give some margins somewhere, shape of hexagon, shapes to connect the hexagons …

If thickness is 20 cm, what is the length of an edge ?

Maybe something like this. But you have to fix the pattern, rotate it and so forth…

Best, (15.9 KB)

The side lenght can be around 60 cm ( but thats not important…). I think double curved hexagons can exist and you dont need plane hexagons. The pieces dont need to be double curved, it would also be possible to built this shell from plane pieces with inclined margins.

Thanks for the fast help @ SFS but I think you just projected the hexagonal pattern on the double curved surface so not all the pieces have the same size.

But as far as I now, that is impossible… The hexagons will be twisted. But adjusting the source and target surfaces will get very close at least.

Maybe this sketch shows what I mean:

I think you should try to build that in Rhino to analyse the idea.


Yeah thats my problem, I dont know how to build that in rhino…

Oh, well I am sorry. That would probably go into several phases and then take too much time. I must limit myself to giving hints, I hope you understand. Good luck.

Use math and i think there is a plugin to join surface together (floding)
if you create this around the arc with the right distances than you can place other hexagons


Hey Kevin,

'took a quick look…cool problem - perhaps not a quicky

meanwhile, If you’re ‘open to play’ and since you’re okay with losing planarity, then you can try with kangaroo - I readapted a little script I had: (31.5 KB)

Alternatively, if you bake the polygons and deform manually in rhino via CageEdit then set them back into grasshopper - you can get other interesting combined results:

(edit) you can probably invert the load values on the vertices to change from convex to more concave-like shape.

I hope it helps!


@René_Corella, both your video and GH file don’t seem to accessible.
Seems to be a problem with the site. In many threads, no files are available for download anymore.

mmh - it was fine yesterday - I’ll try to reupload if it (site) continues to glitch - thanks for telling me (31.5 KB)

reuploaded to test

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tried to download 10 times but sofar, it’s impossible.
Video is super and I’d like to test your gh file.

bummer - sorry to read - I can repost it

however did you try the most recent attachment in the last reply? It appeared to be downloading fine. If not let me know I’ll send an alternative link

Yes, I did, even a few mns ago!. I would appreciate another upload. :slight_smile:

strange - just tried and it downloads…must be a temporary nightmare - anyway…

try this: (31.5 KB)

or this:


Great ! Google one works prety well. Thank you. Previous: might be because of my computer filter, not sure.
I’ll revert after testing it. :slight_smile:

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