Need help repairing a ring

Hello i am trying to 3d print a ring i made so i can get it casted. unfortunately the inside of the shank is extremely thin and i want to thicken it without it affecting the inside part of the bezel. i will leave pictures so highlight my issue. thank you so much

Hi Joshua - can you post a file with the object? Do you have a surface version of this?


Thank you Pascal. this is the version i have of the ring at the moment final ring.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hi Joshua - the ring has some open edges so printing is not likely to work, as is, but you can raise the ‘floor’ a bit - is the attached what you meant ?

final ring_Maybe.3dm (2.0 MB)


Yes I understand that I printed it before after sealing it in another program but the problem I had was after casting it the inside part of the shank was too thin so it started falling apart