Need help, Joining two surfaces into one

I need help joining two surfaces into one, there should be no internal lines going through the inside of the shape.

The left has the two elements that I would like combined overlapping.
The right is where I tried to use the Join command, see misshapen edge.

See below grasshopper file, I have the two elements internalized in “Design” & “Border” (69.9 KB)

Things are sometimes a little complicated in Grasshopper. Due to the overlapping and near coincident nature of your shapes I chose to split the first surface with the edge curves of the ring. Sorted based on their area, I extracted the largest part. Then finally the two surfaces can be joined and MergeFaces eliminates the internal edges. (70.2 KB)

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That worked perfectly. I am putting the final touches on a sculpture configurator. Here is the link to my latest version, thanks to your code.

Mandala Test v…4 | ShapeDiver

And Here is a picture of the actual output of an old version

I love this community, you all rock.

Mark Plaga