OVERLAPPING SURFACES how to join/merge in one surface

unnamed000.gh (22.4 KB)


Do you know also how to keep just the surfaces above the line, like a subtraction.
And how have just a surface inside the merged lines, I tried with boundary surface but it creates a huge surface often going outside the boundaries, and filling the little holes created between the offsetted curves
thanks a lot again

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unnamed000.gh (25.0 KB)
Thanks, in the gh file you can see that i tried to cut and join with a surface going around that patten, but it is not working. Do you can help me with this too ?
I d like to have as final result similar to the picture I sent before, so one closed suface between the patterns intersected and the frame outside

unnamed000_RE.gh (26.9 KB)

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Thank again, and how create the same as you did but with the surface outside, as I showed in the pictures with blue lines

You are saving me, thanks a lot man

I am not sure that i understand what you want. Can you be more clear?

I want to do the same as you did, so join all in one, but including in this process also the surface created in this part
to obtain one surface between the spline surface and the rectangular surface that cut them before

unnamed000_RE_1.gh (29.3 KB)

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