"Weld" surfaces together?

Hi all. I do need to “weld” some surfaces together without any internal edges or seams and for now I didn’t found any viable solution. Maybe somebody knows a way to do this in Grasshopper?

Weld Surfaces Together.3dm (103.2 KB)

This worked for me.
Merge Surfaces.gh (10.7 KB)


I think this may be what you are looking for. Your surfaces are not all oriented the same way up. Using the Grasshopper Flip component with the WorldXY plane as guide, they get oriented the same way up. Then use the Solid Union component to merge the surfaces together.



Ha, you were just a smidge faster :joy:

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Yours is much simpler and better though. Well done!
I did not know that you could use a plane as a guide for the Filp component. Sweet!

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Thank you very much. Very good solutions. I do need to test them thoroughly as I do deal with loads of different shapes.

Just out of curiosity, How are you coming up with these surfaces?

Separating the horizontal surfaces from some exploded parts and projecting them onto the zero level of the XY world plane.

Yep, That would do it…
Have you tried using the “Make 2d” at all? Its kinda slow but works pretty well once you get the hang of it.
I have been looking for an alternative to “Make 2d” for a while now. Let me know if it works out for you!

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I do tried to use Make2D but unfortunately I do have only straight lines instead of perfect arcs and circles. I am searching for a way to extract the inside outside contours of the parts as I do need to cut that shapes on a CNC machine and it is frustrating as hell that I can’t find any working solution. The part presented here works fine but now I do have problems with the previous step, the extraction of the surfaces which are failing to some parts.

If it helps at all, I project the whole brep and then deconstructed it, analyze the surface area and cull all the ones that have 0 area. But that’s as far as I have gotten.

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