Need help for designing Rings side curves

Hi everyone. I think this is a stupid question :slight_smile:
I’m a Rhino 5 and Matrix 8 user and know all commands. I am a good learner not a stupid one but many times I confused how to start and finish a design…
I want to know how to design any type of Rings.
Is any learning resource that describes ways and commands to design expert Rings with advanced shapes? or a “Rings Design Guide”?
Thank you for your advise. :pray:

That entirely depends on what “expert rings” or “advanced shapes” mean to you. You should post some images to show the community what you are actually trying to say.

@Meysam_Ebrahimi Yeah what @Lagom wrote. One mans basic can be another mans advanced and vice versa.

Without some explanatory image reference material, a discussion is moot.

@Lagom and @sochin Thanks for answering. Yeah you right. For amateur designer like me, everything is advance :slight_smile: I found an example that is hard to me. Specially in twisted leaf design. I know we can design by using right commands in time, But In this ring what commands you use?!

Well, NURBS modeling an object has nothing to do with commands. It is all about identifying a good patch layout (where your future surfaces’ boundary curves shall go). For this ring, with only a single image available, you could start with a patch layout like shown below (very rough, did this on my smartphone, curves should all be degree 5 and G2 continuous). Once you have overbuilt all main surfaces (theoretical intersections), you can then, once happy, begin to add G2 or G3 fillets where necessary and details for the diamonds.

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@Meysam_Ebrahimi add sub-d ( I use t-splines) to your toolbox to create the ring. Use @Jarek Orient Object on Object plugin to add in the diamonds & claws and then Rhino to bring it all together.

In sub-d this took 43 min according to my screenshot time stamps…and sorry but all the time I can allow today as I have a lot of work to do.

Basic start from curve to extrude my first shape.

Split it up and start to form one half of your ring.

add in some sides with basic sub-d extrude commands

Get off the curve and use Rhino to flow to flat for quicker working.

No you can start to refine your shape and bring the form down to the finger and the inside of the ring.

Now flow back up to the finger…I often flow backwards and forwards depending on what I want to edit.

T-splines shines now with radial symmetry.

Tweak away until you are happy with the shape.

Final thing is to start throwing the diamonds at it. I do this by eye as I find it better than jewellery plugins. As I wrote at the start I use Jarek`s plugin for that. Do a forum search for Orient Object on Object .


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