Need help at creating an organic grasshopper script

I am currently working on a uni project and need help at making an organic grasshopper script. I am new to a grasshopper I have been trying to recreate the forms shown in the links I’ve provided. The more adjustable it is the better because this form will need to change depending on where my project leads me (for instance how the provided video link is able to adjust itself depending on where the curves are). If anyone could help me with these scripts I would appreciate it a lot.

Kangaroo Plugin #4 - YouTube


These images you posted here as the examples are of from Exoskeleton plugin. You can look at it.


Hi Luke,

The first one uses Kangaroo2. This is included in Grasshopper with Rhino 6.
You can find the Daniel Piker’s (the author of K2) tensile examples here that should get you going:

My advice would be to start with very simple meshes that you construct in Rhino, then these can be subdivided. The video you showed also uses the WarpWeft component for having different spring constants in 2 different directions. I believe one of those examples should have a similar thing that should help you.

Good luck with your learning as you delve into this world :wink:

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Thanks mate I’ll have a look into it now

Wow that’s perfect thanks mate appreciate it

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