What type of form is this

What type of form is this and how to make this kind timthumb-01

Look at this link

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Looks like polysurface make in Grasshopper having as reference some curves made procedurally also in grasshopper

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@laurent_delrieu but only image file available in his grasshopper page and

Here only the said Rhino+Grasshopper used not more elaborately explained.
Thank you both @AlanMattano

I am not sure it was all done in Grasshopper.
It can help you to draw the curves, after that you will have to loft them or sweep then.
You can tweak my script to make a mesh than is very similar to what is done here

The main problem will be to make the notches. There are some examples


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I’ll definitely try with your script and catch you later if any query arise. Thanks