Need an advice with project: fence from leaves

Hi, i got task to make smthing like this:
plot final(2)(1).pdf (341.9 KB)
it’s gate fence… but i can’t make it rotate around populated points randomly and i don’t know how to make it in the end to a surfaces which will join into 1 and there will be only holes where those leaves are not.

I’m complete beginner and I will be glad for every help .) thanks

Listy.3dm (803.6 KB) (5.9 KB)

The first is not that difficult but for the latter, you’ll need a lot of computing power, and after that, there’s no guarantee that you can get one joined pattern.
You’ll need some time(depending on your processing powers…)to open it. (14.7 KB)

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Thanks very much, i’ll try to make it like that and if my computer won’t hold up, it’s time for new one.)) or manually triming everything xD

If i may have another question: Is there way to make it so it’s more even? more evenly placed so there aren’t so many free spaces (which would be cut out as 1 plate), any idea? maybe i’ll try fuller shapes of leaves and make it without those shafts… it may help.)

EDIT: just 12 minutes to recompute.)

EDIT2: I’ll divide it into more tiles, 1 generic tile circa 328x300 mm… now i just need to make it so those leaves are same on left-right and up-down to connect, it may be a way and i think it’s in my power now with your help .)