Making a Buck

Hi I was informed that it is possible to make a buck from Rhino which will allow me to create a full size one to build a vehicle body off. I have an image as an example

any information would be great thanks

P.S. I’m using Version 5.3.1. not WIP

Create a surface model of the vehicle body. Create an offset surface if surface thickness needs to be taken into account.

Use Contour on the appropriate surface to obtain the section shapes.

Close the section shape curves as appropriate. Add slots for assembly as needed.

Hi thanks for that David, I’ll give it and find the commands then work through, could you tell me if it then looks like the above image as in a grid formation with thickness or is there other works to do?


More work is required for a result which looks like the image above. You will need to learn the basics of Rhino. Start with the User’s Guide, then the Level 1 and Level 2 tutorials.