Named Views - issues and ideas

I think that a little more customization possibilities of the Named Views panel would be very handy for most of the users. Right now we can choose only between list or thumbnails style of view mode.

  1. Can’t self organize order of the list - only way is to add 00, 01, 02 numbers in front of the names.

  2. Sometimes there are many named views and some of them are only important at different stages of the project/different task.
    My idea is very simple - make it possible to organize them in a tree structure of nested layers just like in layers panel. It should work both for list and thumbnails. For example, we could expand or hide our categories: Construction, Interior, Render, Sketch underlay

  1. Slight UI changes could free up some space for the actual list because right now when sometimes I got to work on 17,3-inch laptop with my UI configuration only 6 named views are possible to display. I could switch to list view mode, but reading the titles from a tiny list and clicking on the right one is even more annoying.

  1. Performance - After opening some big files and clicking on Named Views panel for the first time in current Rhino session, the time needed to generate thumbnails is sometimes about 2 minutes! (1:50 min for 14 Named Views in my current project). Rhino freezes for that time. It’s ok when it happens at home but it’s a very awkward and long moment when I take my laptop somewhere and try to present the project to some people.
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+1 on folders for NamedViews - it would be handy for files with many NamedViews, and auto-sort alphabetically is a limitation.

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Same for snapshots too!

Sorry @gustojunk, you can’t steal that wish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks like the NamedViews folders is on YouTrack already - it definitely has been asked for before, but more requests could result in more attention…


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Same code. Just copy a past from one tab to the next. I’m starting to use snapshots more, they are still working weird, but useable.

That’s your and mine logic… but I have been told numerous times that’s not how it works on devs end. Kidding of course with the wish stealing, I think folders for Snapshots would be great, too…
A bit OT, but seeing reports from users about memory leaks and file bloating, I am a bit hesitant to start using SnapShots in production, especially that we deal with very heavy files in the first place. I tried in the past and have mixed luck. Good to hear it works well for you! I may try on some upcoming projects.


Yeah I usually make a ‘burner file’ to try thainon. And it does work well with small stuff. Last time I tried on a big file it was very very slow, made Rhino hang for minutes. I know I should have reported it, but there’s only some many hours in the day :man_shrugging:t2:

I dragged myself to report major Layer panel/materials issues while on deadline a few month ago, and even though it meant even less sleep, now I am happy I did since it was fixed very soon (took a month?), and now I am happy it is all working. But I can totally see how reporting it time-consuming, you wrote about it in some other post… I think Snapshots is a great tool, just needs some more work, and, well, testing :wink:


After years in silence, I changed my behavior and if see something which should be repaired or may be done in another way I immediately stop my work and write a quick sketch note in my “Rhino - lista zażaleń” file. Then in free time, I push myself to translate it to English, add some graphical suggestions (in case if my English isn’t descriptive enough) and I publish it here.

If I would like something to be done, I must participate. :wink: Reading this forum I get an impression that contact with creators is very good so I believe that it’s not wasted time.

I didn’t know that it was on YouTrack already but after 4 years it’s certainly a time to ask about it again and I believe we can have it both for Named Views and Snapshots.

I think the devs prefer to call is a Wishlist, not a Complains List, but I like the Polish negative approach here :wink:

Yes, many times they would not even know a problem exists. They are not really users. Definitely more chances to see changes or fixes if you bring it up, and in case of bugs, document step-by-step how to reproduce them.

Theoretically the more users ask for the same update the higher chances of it getting some attention. Keep it up!