Named views background bitmap question

Hello everyone, got a confusion here. My file have a dozens of ‘NamedViews’ and there’s a folder with dozens of images related to each ‘NamedView’ (I’m dealing with photogrammetry workflow this time). As I prefer to work in a single viewport mode I’d attached each image to its related ‘NamedView’ using ‘Wallpaper’ option in ‘Properties’ panel. Sure thing I’ve checked the ‘RestoreBackgroundBitmap’ checkbox for each ‘NamedView’ in the appropriate panel too. Seems everything looks good, my viewport displays my image on the background correctly and the actual geometry matched to bitmap very well laying right above the back, but when I recall another ‘NamedView’ preset with its own bitmap file attached to it… - only the camera widget are switched while the image on a back stays the same. Please help to understand if I’m making it right or wrong. I want to switch image along with the camera in a single (same one) viewport. Thank in advance !

Hi - it sounds like you are running Rhino 5.
A quick test here shows that this seems to work but you’ll need to use the BackgroundBitmap command to place the image, not the Wallpaper option in the Properties panel.

Thank you for quick respone, Wim. Well the problem then is to attach the BackgroundBitmap to the related camera. And even if it could be possible it won’t be an option I’m afraid cause viewport will display all those dozens of ‘BackgroundBitmaps’ simultaneously making working process literally impossible. I’m better gonna try to simplify the equation now, and sorry that I confused you guys!
The question is simple: ARE named views somehow connected to viewport wallpaper bitmaps or not? Yep, can’t be simpler : )

Hi - from my simple test, that was not the case. Only one single bitmap was shown for each (well, I tried 2) named view. Did you try that?

No, not to “wallpaper”. On Rhino 5, Named Views are connected to “backgroundbitmaps”. In Rhino 6 and beyond that is no longer the case - there is no connection to any bitmap whatsoever.

Oh yes sure, I tried that and my eyes got hurt. No way to work with even only two overlapped images which laying in a different planes, and I suppose to have at least 30 images… so not the case as you said.

Anyways the issue is solved now. You have brilliant engine structure which allows to have any amount of viewports where ever I want. I don’t even have to switch any NamedViews anymore, just to set up all the needed viewports with related images\named.views at the very beginning and save the file. Period : ) Thank you for help anyways, Wim.

Just to get it right, v6 doesn’t connect NamedViews and BackgroundBitmaps anymore or my English is poorer than I even thought?

It sounds like all images show simultaneously on your side. In my brief test, it was possible to only have one shown for each named view - see attached file. In the named view “v0”, there isn’t any bitmap; in “v1” and “v2” there are two different bitmaps and only one is shown in each case.
RH5-NamedViews_with_Bitmaps.3dm (276.2 KB)

Yes, that is correct.

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Indeed it works now, I see a single image per viewport… It’s a .3DM file imported from modo (.3dm v3) I’m operating so maybe it bugging out somehow, gonna check this out when there’ll be time, thank you!
Just one more simple Q’ while we here: is there any chance to change the Units type in FileProps so the NamedViews (think cameras) could be also scaled up (e.g. x1000) within all its properties? I only have a geometry scaled up and the cameras stayed the same.

If you change the units in Document Properties > Units, the named views should still be fine after doing so. If you manually scale all objects, the named views will no longer work. Is that what you are seeing?

Sorry Wim, my bad. Just had to reapply NamedView preset and everything scaled up by 1000… Sometimes have to bother someone with a questions to find the answers by myself : ) Thank you very much and take care !

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