Named positions disappeared at WIP update

after the update (6.0.17129.11351, 2017-05-09)
the named position of a file that had named positions saved are not more displayed in the “Named positions” panel.
But my saved “Names CPlanes” are still there.

Hi Alan - do you have other files that show the problem? Can you send us one before saving it in the newer V6?


Hi Pascal - I am still annoyed by this issue in my workflow.

If I create a brand new Rhino5 file and create one object and make a Block with NamesPositions, the NamedPositions are well displayed when this file is opened with Rhino6.

If I work with real-life files, NamedPositions are not displayed in Rhino6

2018-05-05 test NamedPostion 01 Rhino5.3dm (1.6 MB)

I copy the file and open it with Rhino6
2018-05-05 test NamedPostion 02 Rhino6.3dm (1.0 MB)

The real Rhino5 file has 24 NamedPositions. Could you try to upgrade it to Rhino6 and repair the NamedPositions in the Rhino6 file ?