Named Camera Location from rhinosyntax

I’m trying to get the camera location of all the named views through rhinosyntax, but it seems only return the camera locations of an active view.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino as rh
#Go rhino
sc.doc = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc
#Get Named Views
V = rs.NamedViews()
convert GH obj to RH obj
doc_obj = [rs.coercerhinoobject(i) for i in V]
camera Location
CL =
for i in doc_obj:
print (doc_obj)
print (CL)

Added a few lines in some def of mine: do it that way (it’s C# … but Method calls are are rather clear):

BTW: Define some “named view properties” (so to speak) class and store the info (in a List of that custom type) that you want. That way you can perform queries (LINQ) like: find (all/some) views who have this or that property … blah, blah. If these sound a bit Chinese to you and you want a full C# demo on that matter (with entry level LINQ stuff) notify.

Anyway added a few lines more related with the above (NVI: named view info):

Thanks a lot!