Move Camera location of named view

I’m trying to develop a grasshopper node that can grab a view from the named views list in rhino and conduct a transformation on the location of the views camera. Iv been able to manipulate active views but there seems to be something different about how Rhino deals with named views and its got me stumped. (5.2 KB)

I have various related things but I’m not in the practice right now.

When back (I hope tomorrow) I’ll post a full demo on that matter

Hi @PeterFotiadis. Coming back to this thread i’m realizing its been a year and i still haven’t made any progress on transforming named views. Do you still think you may be able to provide an example? if so it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Well … err …THEN I forgot the case (blame bad situations in practice) and NOW I’m far and away from practice (blame extended windsurf period).

Since I rather lost any credibility I would not say “when I’ll be back” … but in fact …