My V6 wishlist

Most of my wishes already are on the list but to let you know:
1_More control on fillets, editable, removable, but also elliptical, and with different weight for each side like the blendsrf.
2_More on mesh, everything it’s needed, not only for checking but, mainly for drawing, like bridge tools and all the waverbird tools.
3_Physics engine direct on basic Rhino like Rhinophysix, not only in gh like kangaroo.
4_more control over the number of cv and spans of the srfs


Hi Riccardo- can you be more specific about this? What control do you need, exactly?



Hi @pascal,
For example could be good to have a rebuild option letting us to set CVS number and degree directly on creation window.
Like to have the rebuild interface directly in the sweep 2 window.
If one could show the error in G0,G1 and G2 it will be like to have explicit srfs.

Ah, OK, I see- thanks.


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