My rhino 6 wish list

Hi dear Rhino Team it’s my wish for Rhino 6 (The best platform for 3d) I hope this wish help to create a powerful platform for computer-aided design(Bim solution).

  1. Release more powerful graphics in the view-ports same as 3ds max and other software. Now a lot of Rhino user have problem with video card. I have problem too.
  2. Dynamic CPlane mode (automatic align CPlane on the surfaces and solids objects).
  3. Gumball must supporting dynamic move and extrude face and edge on the solids how in the Sketchup.(presspul mode).
  4. More parametrics tools(direct modeling) same as SpaceClaim and cad tree how in the CATIA.
  5. Section tools how in the Solidworks (Clipped plane is not comfortable is not serious).
  6. Support AMD video cards too not only Nvidia Quadro. Don’t repeat Autodesk mistakes.
  7. 2d and 3d dynamic blocks with parameters.
  8. More comfortable tools for creating different interactive drafts from 3d model (dynamic sections and model of projection) same Space claim or Solid works or Autocad.
  9. Data extractions to Excel(node editor). Powerful tools for working with different bills(lists).
  10. Material node editor.
  11. Team work same as Archicad. When a lot of people can work with single large project(reserve geometric objects in real time and support user rights).
    to be continued
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Hi Javax -

See the MPane command in V5- does that do what you need?

Gumball does some of this with sub-object selection (Ctrl-Shift select) and holding Ctrl after starting the gumball move. Set Gumball to align By object to allow extruding on a flat face normal. Does any of that stuff help?

Well, we make no particular decisions as to what card to support - we want both to work well with Rhino - sometimes it is one, sometimes it is another that works well or has trouble - we work with both to fix problems as they arise, but it has been a moving target with different cards and drivers.



Hi Pascal
About Dynamic Cplane face please this video Sample


Yes please + Pushpull option, is faster than boolean union or difference, something like this (go to 1:30): (go to Jun-27-2014)


This is must be in Rhino 6. I am vote

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Look at the current gumball functionality and will understand that it is not nearly as functional as in the examples above, even a Rhino modeling expert failed to do the extrusion rapidly (go to 12:40):

My list for Rhino 6:
-Assembly tools for big and complex works (as NX)
-Improved fillet tools (similar to NX)
-ExtrudeSrfTapered for solids, extruding a face but keeping same angle for the others (not like MoveFace)
-Better render tools (in the way of VRay)

Now a lot of users wanted have a different type of modeling inside Rhino. Because they used rhino how CAD program. Me too. I am architect. Its important for us.

Are you tried last version of Brazil or Vray render?

Yes, same like NX, Solidworks, V-Ray and etc…
Better to stay focused - so many software loose their way and get bloated, slow and clunky!
Well, what about the price - nobody wants more:))

Mcneel lost two solution same as VSR and T Splines. Оr do you think Autodesk to do all without any reason…?

No, they didn’t - they are not developers of this plugins. There is a reason Rhino is still alive - more is already not better! Not anymore - software is getting too complex, yearly release cycle is not working, adding more features is not working! All the software is way behind the hardware capabilities! I prefer Rhino to be faster, with refined and optimized core tools, rock stable! Let the plugins do the rest!

I am look to Rhino how to the platform. The first plugin give to you build surface with class A. Second plugin give to you organic shape modeling. Now this powerful technologies in Autodesk.