My New Rhino Machine Specs

Hi Guys,
Im about to get a new Rhino Machine & whold like to hear what do you think about those specs…

GeForce GTX770 4GB OC + DVI + HDMI

Intel® Core™ i7 4770 3.4GHz 8MB 1600MHz

Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3

Kingston 16GB Kit DDR III 1600MHz Dual Channel

Kingston SSD 120GB SATA III

Seasonic 750W + Active PFC SS-750HTb

What type of work do you do? How much rendering and with what software?

Mostly Jewelry Design,
Not to much rendering (Some KeyShot), more of designing & modeling for 3D printing (STL output)
Maby will use some Catia later on…

I’m Contemplating between the Gtx770 4GB GDDR5 to the Quadro K2000D 2GBB GDDR5

I just custom built a new graphics computer and love it, here are the main nuts and bolts.

Asus X79 Deluxe E1MCAD569561 	Motherboard 	 
Intel Core i7 4820K 3.7GHz Quad Core 10MB 130W 2W332101A1862 	CPU 	 
*4* x Kingston DDR3-1600 4GB Ram 	 
Asus GeForce GT 640 2GB Passive E3C0YZ133386 	Video Card  	 
Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SATA 6Gb/s 2.5inch SSD S1ANNSAF235106 	Hard Drive 

If the CPU is quad core you will need four 4 GB ram sticks so the CPU can work properly.
The AsusX79 Motherboard is best suited for Rhino
You need a solid state drive if you want fast,
I built this system at Puget systems and worked with their staff prior to placing my final order. My new computer is exactly what I needed and is super fast with both Rhino and Brazil. Better a bit too much than lamenting the fact a few months down the road.

All my best … Danny

I would advise against the Quadro until Nvidia gets drivers that work properly with OpenGL 2.0 standard calls like they claim they do. I’d go with the GeForce GTX personally.

Hi Danny,
Tnx for the specs, looks good,
Way do you think that 44GB of RAM is Better then 28GB ?

Tnx John,
After reading tons of reviews on the net, and reading your replay, i think ill stick to the GTX.
I have the Quadro (which works well i must say) at the office & this machine goes to my home, so i can have a real comparison.

As the tech person at Puget systems explained to me. If it is a quad core CPU in order for it to use all four cores it needs the four ram sticks to communicate with otherwise it cannot work as fast as possible.

All my best … Danny

As you are going for a non-K CPU you don’t really need a Z97 motherboard. You could save some money and get a H97 instead and put the savings into an i7 4790 which is a little faster.
Also Danny is sort of correct on the RAM side of things. 4-channel RAM only works on 2011 motherboards (which is what he has). As you will be going for an 1150 motherboard it is only dual channel anyway, so I would go 2 x 8GB that way it is easier to upgrade if you want to increase your RAM in the future. I have recently built a similar spec machine H97/i7 4790/ GTX 760 4GB and it is running Rhino fine.

Hey Al,
Tnx for your replay,
Well the latest Specs are,

Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0Ghz 8MB L3 Cache s1150,
Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H LGA1150, Intel Z97,
Gigabyte GTX770 OC 4GB GDDR5,
Kingston 16GB Kit DDR III 1600MHz Dual Channel
Kingston SSD 120GB SATA III
Seasonic 750W + Active PFC SS-750HTb

The Cpu now Is a “K” serious that will fit with the OC abilities of the Z97 chipset

And Tnx for the explanation about the RAM.


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The only thing I’d take a second look at among the specs you list is the SSD size (capacity). You MAY find 120G too tight.

I use a 250, and regret not dropping the extra hundred or so for a 350 or a 500. I’ve moved my WORKING folder over to the 250 SSD, and get STRONG performance out of my RH-4:sr-9/BO-1, even with file sizes over 450Mb and discrete assembly components counts in the mid-hundred to low thousands.

When evaluating RH-5/BO-2 upgrades, my performance was almost doubled (took advantage of 64-bit RAM access, too…) !!! I plan to install my purchased RH-5/BO-2 upgrade within the next few months, should stability issues be reported on this forum as being sufficiently resolved. Currently I’m using my 32-Bit RH-4 on my I-7 64-Bit Win-7 platform to deliver, and couldn’t be happier ( and I’m just using a 1GB GT-550T with Anti-aliasing set on HIGH - with complete success ! )

Good luck, and post back here with results ?

Thanks -


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Hey @cfee ,
I forgot to mention the 1TB Seagate Barrcuda HD that is going to be part of all this…
So the 120GB SSD is just for the OS & Program Files, the data is going to be at the 1TB.
Later on if there’s going to be a need ill add some more SSD’s,
Tnx for the input anyway !,

Yeah, no doubt.
I’d GUESSED you had a large format secondary drive you weren’t mentioning. I too have a large format secondary drive for local project storage, along with other related things like communications, libraries, etc. However, I run my active working project directly off my SSD. The HD file access bottleneck is significantly reduced (up to 50x !!!) and this benefits me whether modeling, animating or compiling ! I remember the OLD AutoCAD-DOS days, where a RAM-Disk sped my regens up from MINUTES to just seconds , but I digress … My only regret was not dropping the extra C-note for the additional primary-drive (C:) capacity. Oh well !

Good Luck, and keep us posted with results ? We ALL like hearing a good success story, and can always benefit from lessons learned along the way !

Tks -


Well the idea of using the SSD for working files is interesting & be sure ill try that,
Even dow i must say that my Machin at work is as well with an SSD for OS & Program Files only, the data is on a 1TB SG Barrcuda & its quit fast…
Anyway ill post my Impressions, when ill get the new Box at home and try it on :smile:

good Luck with it ! I’'ve been pleased with my results. Accessing large files quickly works for me and you may find it works pretty well, too. The Seagaet Barracuda IS fast, and is how we at work got some performance back when our files got so large, but I installed the SSD in my system and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Best wishes, and stay in touch !


Tnx @cfee,
Will Do That.

i’m looking for a new 128 GB SSD,
can anyone help me to find the best one?

i found this article on google
Top best ssd
and they suggest me to buy samsung 750 evo.
how about that?

didn’t see a date on your last question, so I thot I’d throw out an idea or 2 - for what its worth.

  1. SSD 300-500 G at least.

  2. PCI-E SSD for MAXIMUM performance. ALMOST like ALL DATA EVERYWHERE in active RAM ! Maximum perrformance.

  3. I pushed my 250 standard SSD to my secondary drive, STILL have my internal physycal 1Tb drive as data storage like parts libraries, past projects, etc, with older secondary PROJECTS that I still want fast access to on the secondary SSD and my ACTIVE PROJECTS sharing space with my Win-7/64 on my PRIMARY 500gB PCIE SSD. Best performance POSSIBLE !

I have 16Gb RAM, 2nd-Gen I-7.
Old stuff ? YEP !
FASTER than my colleage’s work PC WITH his latest generation XEON and 64Gb RAM !

Best to you and GOOD LUCK !


Hello, I am about to buy this computer via, I mainly do 3d modeling and some renders, any comments or recomendations?

Thanks in advance.

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