My Grasshopper canvas gets slow when using C# script

Ok, its not much, but I would say almost all have the potential to break something (at least on the canvas), since they basically do things in parallel to Grasshopper in order to provide several functionality. Maybe I would try to disable all plugins, and then test it again. If this fixes the problem, I would try to see which one is causing this.

Thanks for the reply
Actually they are some pretty usual plugin (except maybe for telepathy which I’m considering removing), and the problem is “temporarely” solved by restarting the computer. And when I don’t use C# script I’ve absolutely no problems at all.

I’m just saying you should try to temporary disabling them. Its very odd that executing a C# script component is causing such an grave issue, especially since this would be an unknown bug to a widely used piece of software. Other issues would also occur on different occasions. And a plugin can do things on loading, without being part of the definition. So chance, that 3rd party code, is (unintentionally ) causing issues is definitely possible.

Usual or not, I have experienced problems after using “Bottleneck Navigator” which is part of MetaHopper (it was a while ago, so I can’t reproduce).

Debugging strategy is to (first) disable all extensions.

Second: If the problem goes away, then enable the plugins again, one by one, and if/when the problems pops up again you know which one is causing the problem.

// Rolf