Multithreading in a C# component in Visual Studio

Hi all

I have a general question regarding ‘Multitreading’ in a C# component.

In one of my recently-developed plugin components I’ve replace some ‘for loops’ with the ‘parallel.For loop’ alternative using information that I’ve found on the following webpage by James Ramsden:

This seems to work great as you can see my component speed is several orders of magnitude faster now: (This example was performed on a pc with 24 cores)

So now my question: What are the differences / disadvantages comparing this techniques with the ‘IGH_TaskCapableComponent’ interface. Information here:

Should I remove the component that is single threaded from my plugin with release? Or will some users prefer not to use multithreading? Should I combine both and use ‘AppendAdditionalComponentMenuItems’ to let the user decide. Or should I look further into making a TaskCapableComponent.

Thanks in advance for any comments!
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