Multiply sections from one script

Hey guys!

Is it possible to create several objects/sections/geometries in the same script/panel and be able to change one of them without messing with the others?
Also, how can I get x numbers of points in a curve and specify the distance between each point?

You mean that you want to vary something in a List/Tree of things (by index) and then use another index?

If so that’s very easy via code: after a change you store your newly modified List/Tree in a paramemer (kinda “internalizing” on the fly the List/Tree) and then you read the List/Tree FROM the parameter BEFORE changing any value in the index slider (or trigger any re-execution) : so each time that a change occurs you use that sort of "“external” loop in order ro memorize the previous change(s)…

In real-life is slightly more complex than that … since requirements raise about storing variants (history) and recalling them at will (or delete something) etc etc … but the concept is the same. Here’s an "“interface” (spot the options available for the working/current collection plus the ones related with the variants) for some similar task:

For instance imagine a Mesh with 500 faces. Say that you want to access a face by index, do something (move it along normal [and redo the mesh] or do another thing) and then access another face etc etc.

Notify if you want a C# demo.

Im sorry but I’m kinda new to GH and I dont know how to code so this sound a bit complicated for me.

I can start from the root of my problem.
So, I have created 4 sections of a retaining wall in gh. The wall is supposed to follow a road line (for this I’ve used sweep1 but I’m going to try loft). My question is if it possible to connect multiply sections to one of the scripts I’ve created, instead of creating a new script every time I’m adding a new section of the wall. Basically, I want to control the amount of sections from excel and be able to change the parameters for each section individually.
Here’s a picture of one of the 4 sections but I only wanna use one of the scripts for all the sections.

Here is picture of the excelfile. Every row describes one sections and its parameters


I have figured out how to get the list of each row in excel into Gh, but I don’t know how to create sections from lists.

Well … the be honest I can’t see any way to help you in a more “palatable” way. That said your case is rather the norm in classic engineering (not to mention AEC) where you have to modify things in collections on a per object index basis (without any stupid/smart (random and the likes) rule).

But have in mind that I do business solely via code and thus I have very little knowledge about IF cases like these (if we forget variants) can being addressed via components OR some sort of add-on(s) OR whatever.

So let’s take a break and let’s hope that some other good Samaritan … blah, blah (If none appears … prepare yourself to deal with the beast).

BUT wait:

Insofar I’m talking about doing all that interactively . If you want to do it in one go (i.e. using some data related with some index … do something on that object [accessed by index]) post a complete case.

Please read:

It’s hard to help if you don’t provide your file. The people here can’t guess how you want to create your sections.