Multiple surfaces on top of each other

Recently If I explode an object and when I “join” the object, the surfaces will then have another surface generated (like a copy and paste onto the same object). It almost acts as one object but not all surfaces are joined, and if I explode it again there are multiple choices if I try and pick a surface. I cant zoom in close enough to see distinct edge. In addition working in shaded view, part of the view is shaded with wire frame mixed in

Not sure why, is it something in settings or is Rhino acting up, Ive had some free time lately between real work so I’ve been playing. The attached is part of a larger project and I have is scaled 10 times its size to work on it. If I work on it at its real size other surface issues pop around the indentations which are not present at the 10 times size or when work is done and scaled back.

E26 SOCKET.3dm (7.7 MB)

Hi RBL - you do have multiple, piled up but not duplicate, surfaces in the notch thingies - I’d explode, isolate one notch, clean it up so you only have the expected surfaces and naked edges around the perimeter, then redistribute this thing around to the part, get rid of the others.


Id say it was both duplicate, were the surface is identical, and if piled up means similar as the original but instead of one surface 2 surfaces to make the original then yes also.

I did the explode, delete, and polar array of the notch and then join originally and got similar results before posting the first time.

Shortly after the orginal post I deleted the problem areas and started over and now its fine. I didn’t change anything in the process except that the notch started out as a different but simular size solid with different corner radii.

Is there a reason why in the shaded view some surfaces are transparent and others aren’t? Flipping between shaded and wire frame didn’t make any changes

Hi RBL - select a transparent surface and explode - most likely it is two identical or nearly identical surfaces joined at the edges.


Use selectduplicate and delete to remove them all at once! Also while it is exploded, use the selbadobject command to see if those are actual problems you see in the rounds, or if its just a simple tessellation error in shading.


Thanks, Evan and Pascal

Still wondering why multiple surfaces piled up on top of each other and were created in the first place.