Rejoining exploded surfaces?

Aloha All,

I cannot rejoin surfaces for an object I exploded in Rhino 6. I have done this many times before, but it will not go back together. I am a basic user of Rhino and am probably over looking something obvious. ANy suggeation will be apprecaited.’

Do you get any error message on the command line? Can you join anything if you select one surface, run Join and select a surface adjacent to it (i.e. join one-by-one)?

I will try thankyou

I get no errors, but it is strange, I cannot select the surfaces once I am in the join command. It is as if Rhinlo does nto recognize that they are surfaces.

sorry disregard it appears I had a duplicate copy and that was the problem. Sorry for the trouble.

Was just going to suggest that :slight_smile:
If you are new to Rhino then maybe SelDup and SelDupAll are commands you don’t know.
These are handy. (SelDup selects all duplicates but one, so you can safely use that and hit Delete afterwards)

Good luck!