Multiple shapes in Single Window

I’am trying to get multiple geometries to show and live update ona single window. I’am having multiple problems.
(i) The shapes appear to be too large than the window( how can I resize the shape within the window.
(ii) The script becomes very heavy while updating sliders ( I believe I’am doing something wrong with the elements)
(iii) Is there a way to select a shape from the window and cull it from the container so that it does not pass through for the voronoi iteration.
I’am new to this plugin any help is deeply appreciated.HumanUI_multiple (14.6 KB)

Guys any luck?

You are using the wrong shape components - when you want multiple shapes in the same coordinate space, you must use create shapes and set shapes. The shapes are provided to the window in the window’s own units (scaled by whatever scale factor you pick). I find it easiest to use a ViewBox so that the drawing will scale to the window dimensions (See example - requires Wombat for the “NaN” component – this is a bit of a fancy trick, and is not strictly necessary. )

The other important thing is that your shapes should be in the +X, -Y quadrant of world space, since WPF draws geometry from the top left. I am generating a transform in the example that can be used to achieve this (both when initiating the shapes and modifying them.)

I’m not totally sure what you mean by (iii) but hopefully this will get you started.

HumanUI_multiple (26.2 KB)

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