Multiple Select Option for Removing Users from Teams

Hi McNeel Community,

We are trying to figure out the process of managing students access to Rhino Cloud Zoo as we only have a limited number of seats for now. We are using OKTA for the login method (AD security group for Rhino Cloud Zoo).

  1. Adding students to the Team at the beginning of the academic semester
  2. Removing students from the Team at the end of the academic semester

We can request the students to Log out at the end of the term and uninstall Rhino, but in cases where they might just ignore the notices. We would remove them ourselves. Going thru each member and removing from the Team, after 10 would seem tedious task.

Is there a way to bulk | batch remove | select all but admins to remove members from team?

Much appreciated for assistance on this. Thank you!

I don’t see a way to do this currently.
I’ll see what @aj1 (developer) has to say.

Hi @lucas.chung,

I understand your pain here. Currently there’s not a great way to “bulk” delete team members. We will look into making this work better in the future.


oh please help, i have more than 250 students to remove :frowning: