Rhino 6 for Mac: How to delete multiple layers at once?


my customer noted, that it is hard to delete more layers (with objects) at once. He has to confirm the deletion of each layer, one by one.

Is there a one click solution for deleting layers?



In the layer panel: select all layers you want to delete.
Right click (context menu) --> delete layer
A prompt box tells you that the layer (first in list) got objects,and asks you if you want to delete those objects and the layer as well.
Click the Button: Yes to All,
and voilà.

You can’t delete a layer if you want to keep an object on it. In that case you must change the object layer first.
No automatic dialog will ask you which layer will host your orphan object(s).

Hi piem,

here in the german version is no german “Yes to All” button, perhaps this is the problem.



Strange… I would fill a bug note

This doesn’t work here at all, I get also in the english ui this question for each layer, no “Yes to All” button.

system.txt (9.9 KB)

Who could check this?



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No “Yes to all” button here either:

SystemInfo.txt (3.1 KB)

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Thank you @carla.sologuren for this related wish report: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-3315

Hi @dan, also I want to note, that I am talking about deleting a list of layers, and not just one layer with sublayers. Thanks.


This has been on our list for a long time and it is very annoying:

RH-36677 LayerManager: Delete multiple layers with objects - select One-by-One or Delete All

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Hi @dan,

any news on this? My customer writes today again: “deleting 30 layers is still annoying”



No, this has not budged.


Would something like this help temporarily?

DeleteMultipleLayers.py (661 Bytes)

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Hi Dan,

thank you anyways.

Hi Mitch,

this looks good to me, I will inform my customer.



I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed after 2 years…