Multiple Section Cut Command?

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to achieve multiple Section Cuts at once?

I’d like to essentially have an array of them so that along a selected axis I could capture what’s going on at various distances through out the model…

Capturing for example a section along the x axis at every 10mm.

or along the z-axis @ 20mm increments.

If not currently available, maybe this can be a feature/command request for an additional Array Tool??? :slight_smile:

Best Wishes, Jim

Hi @JimD

I believe you’re looking for the Contour command

HTH, Jakob


YES, that’s exactly it… Awesome!!!

Thank You SO MUCH, @Normand

I really appreciate it. I got caught up on the terms Section, and Array, and couldn’t see anything else past that.

I’m not going to mention how many times I’ve made my section cuts one by one. . . that would be too embarrassing, even for me.

Take Care,