Section command creating multiple curves

Hi all,

The section command keeps creating fragmented curves as shown below. These curves require the extra step of using the Join command to join the curves together. I never had this problem in Rhino 6 (although to be fair I am using scans from a slightly different source than before).

I also played with the JoinCurves option and tried BySectionPlane and ByPolySurface but neither options did the trick

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Hello - are the curves’ ends within tolerance? Can you post an example?


Hi Pascal,
Not sure where that tolerance was defined but the curve ends are definitely super close. I know this because when using the Join command to manually join the segments, a dialog box sometimes pops up with the distance between curve points, and the distance is typically sub millimeter.

I tried to create an example file for you with two section curves created close to one another. Let me know if there are issues. You will notice that both curves are segmented when you try to select them.
The blue one was created with the “ByPolySurface” option on for JoinCurves, and the red curve had the option as “No.”

Here is how I made the sections.

Hi Krishna - the ends overlap on these - with a file tolerance of .001 or even .0001 you can get better results, but with this mesh it looks like there will still be some cleanup to do. A QuadRemesh of the object might not be a bad thing in this case, the mesh is very fine and has some non-manifold edges.


This helped tremendously. And in fact, since I want to measure these curves, there’s a good chance this is making my measurements more accurate. The tiny zigzags created by the fine mesh lead to a significant error. Thanks so much!

Hi Pascal, ran into this strange issue after remeshing. Any idea how to get rid of this weird cluster?