Multiple issues with R7 upgrade

I’ve already posted re the scroll/zoom function being unreliable - but there’s also an issue with the modeling commands such as extrude face. When that’s called up instead of a face extrusion I get a face border extrusion.

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In the past after duplicating a face border it remained highlighted and could be immediately projected to a cplane. Now calling up the project to cplane command clears the selection and the border must be reselected. There’s a number of small but significant issues taking place that have made using the upgrade all but impossible.

Hello - are you getting these commands from the menus, buttons, or typing? ExtrudeFace is not a Rhino command I guess you mean ExtrudeSrf? That has command line options, in this case, Solid=Yes/No that will control the output.


Hello- that macro for ExtrudeSrf did not change in V7. I suggest setting the Solid option to yes and take it from there, it should remember if you do not make a change to that option. It may be that it should be changed to include setting the solid option but for whatever reason, we did not do that when the macro was cooked up.


Hello Pascal and Brian,

Re the extrude face issue-
I went through the steps as well as the commands setup

There’s no macro options presented.

In the prefs window I find no other extrude option that seems relevant.

Re the zoom issue -
As there’s no reliable way to reproduce the problem I’ve trouble making a vid when I want to.

Here’s one aspect - in which the zoom is useless as it’s to sensitive

Here’s an instance when it functions properly. I use KeyCombos to get ortho views, in this case command + 1

Ah, and then here we are - the zoom failing to continue in

There’s also an odd bug that calls up a missing page when the Forum is clicked on


Hello - what do you see on the next prompt once the selection is made?


I sent you an image. There’s no option.

Please select a face, then Enter, then look at the next prompt. What options are presented? Please set Solid=Yes.


No options show in the commands prefs either

Okay, sorry I missed that. I didn’t have the issue in R6 so maybe it’d been set some years ago.

Now about the zooming issue?