Multiple Curve Lofts

Hi, I’m trying to model a series of panels which have a series of cellular protrusions. I’ve got my start and end curves for the protrusion, but can’t figure out a way to successfully blend each one to make an individual solid at each instance. I’m not sure if this is a data set issue or lofting issue. Any help please?

7_Acoustic (10.5 KB)

You didn’t internalized your base rectangles…
And let me take a guess according to your screen-capture, you’d better graft ‘B’(Boundary)input of Voronoi component.

Thanks HS_Kim, that’s resolved the PCen issue - I’m wanting to then make a solid from each set of curves, but am not sure how to do this with lofts or meshes etc., any ideas?

Post your definition with your base geometries(rectangles) internalized

7_Acoustic (10.6 KB)

See especially No.3, I won’t ask again.

See attached for a start (what you mean by solid? - maybe cap the lofted result?).

7_Acoustic (10.6 KB)

NOTE: Rhino crv offset is NOT the jack for all trades.