Loft Curves and Planar Curves together

Hey all,

Most likely that this is a simple and stupid problem, but I am trying to simply loft a set of curves to an untrimmed surface.
Since the two outer curves are type “curve” and the inner curves are “planar curves”, the loft component does not return the entire surface but rather just the inner one.
Is there an easy fix for this problem?
Also tried to patch the curves but this results in an boundary-exceeding, untrimmed surface.

Thank you ! (521 Bytes)

be sure to flatten the input of loft. I can’t say any more because the file you uploaded seems empty.

also: in the image,the curves are not connected to loft I am sure you didn’t just forget to connect them (?)

Hey Aris,
Flattening the inputs does not fix the problem - already tried it…
I uploaded the file again - should include the data :slight_smile: (Rhino6)

Yeah, if I connect the curves and flatten them, the result is this: (45.8 KB)

Yes, it is a ‘residual structure’ problem (a term I just made up):
with merge the lines do not ‘mix’ with the curves because as you see they have a different data structure.
If you use entwine (set to ‘flatten’) they are arranged in the order you connect them.

p.s. your last curve needed flipping (44.3 KB)

Fixed it!
Sometimes, it’s so simple haha
Thank you :slight_smile: