Data Tree Vector Move Problem

So I am trying to figure out what is happening here. I have a data tree of curves structured {0;A;B} with a single curve in each branch. I have a data tree of move vectors structured the same with either one or two vectors in each branch. What I expected to happen is where there is one vector I would get one moved curve and where there is two vectors I would get two moved curves. But if look at branch {0;103;0} I have one curve and one vector and but two output curves. Also if you look at {0;103;1}, I have two vectors but only get one curve. I am confused.

Vector Move (18.9 KB)

Actually I think I found my problem. The upper tree has one less branch than the lower tree.

Vector Move (19.8 KB)

I downloaded the gh definition trying to understand the tree logic but there is
something I can’t explain myself.
At vector tree we have 1;0 and 1;1 after tree branch and move we get 1;0 with 1 item
but at 24;0 and 24;1 (2items each) we still get 24;0 and 24;1

You don’t seem to understand that {1;1} is only in the vector tree but not in the line tree. It get’s irgnored while selecting only the branches from the vector tree that are present in the line tree. In the line tree {24;0} and {24;1} are present - so both should show up in the result.

Ok, so simple in fact
Thanks a lot