Multiple Attractor Points on Offset Curves

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create multiple attractor points linked to an exploded tri-grid which is offset by a number slider, however I’m only able to place one attractor point without the offset triangles going haywire. This is the script I have:

and this is what happens when I plug in a second attractor point:

Can anyone tell me how to put a second one in there so I can have a different variation in the field depending on where the two are in relationship to one another? Thank you so much!


The issue here is that you are setting your offset distance to two points. Meaning one triangle is trying to calculate the distance to both points and setting two different offset distances - making it go “haywire”

What you need to do is take the average distance from one triangle to both points. and use that average distance as the offset distance.

You do this by measuring distance to one point, then to another point, do some average math and then use that averaged distance for each triangle to dictate the offset.

Hope that helps

Welcome @BoarSeasons,

Attractors sure seem to be making a come back in parametric design, judging by the recent discussions around here! :smiley:

It’s all about remapping values and keeping your data in order!

Thanks for the help!