Selection of Points with Multiple Point Attractors

hello everybody!!

have been working with point attractors and i seem to have hit a wall. i have been trying to use multiple point attractors to select points based on their distance from the point attractor. The issue is this works perfectly if done for a single point but for multiple points it gets messed up. As shown in the image, i would like to get the yellow points without losing the data structure.

Multiple (54.1 KB)

Multiple (56.5 KB)

Thank you very much.

FYI, here’s a variation that implements a separate (random) radii for each point. It looses the original data structure though, and I don’t have time this morning to preserve (or restore) it.

Multiple (60.2 KB)

P.S. Is this it? Rushed… Output of last Cull matches original data tree.

Multiple (61.1 KB)

wow! this is quite interesting. i will look into it. Thank you very much