MultiPipe Component does not work on Mac

Cant get MultiPipe component to work on Mac.

This simple definition works fine on Windows without any difficulties.

Edit: forgot to add definition (9.3 KB)

Thanks for letting us know and providing the file. We’ll look into this and try and get a fix soon.



Is there any news on when this will be fixed?

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Unfortunately, not no! I’m currently using the 7.5 nightly build, which was released yesterday, and the issue still persists. Seems to be Grasshopper only though, because in Rhino MultiPipe works like a charm.

You can use Daniel’s Fattener component in Grasshopper which still works great and has similar functionality. There’s a download link here somewhere.

Any update about when this might be fixed? Since my initial post, I’ve had several projects where this would have been useful to me.


Hi @kev.r Sorry for the delay - getting to the bottom of this is now number 1 priority.


Very frustrating. I have the same issue. I hope they fix it soon.

Hi @mh11 - This is fixed in the current Service Release Candidate. Sorry for the delays.

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Thank you so much. I updated and it works great.
Now I have an issue with SubD Fuse. I can not fuse two mesh spheres or two SubD spheres.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Works great! Thank you. The performance is wicked fast! :exploding_head:

Here’s a quick test!

2021-04-13 09-03-36.2021-04-13 09_21_30

Full disclaimer, the GIF is sped up about 27%, because of the size restriction here.