Bug GH MultiPipe - Rhino 7 Mac

If you are kind enough please have a look at the MultiPipe component for GH in Rhino 7 Mac, latest built 7.321012.11002.
I get weird results using this component on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 but the same definition in WIN 10 behaves properly.
I’ve checked Daniel Piker’s MultiPipe example definitions posted here on the forum and they have the same weird behavior on MacOS.

Thank you for this great tool and hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi @andrei.kiss,
Thanks for letting us know. We’ll try and figure out what’s going on here.

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Thank you for your quick answer!

Same problem with subD Fuse!:slight_smile:

Do you have any updates related to the MultiPipe bug on MacOS? Thank you.

Hi @andrei.kiss
I’m sorry I didn’t find/fix the bug yet, but haven’t forgotten about it.
We’ll update this thread when it is fixed. Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you!

Hello - @DanielPiker any updates on this ?
I really need this functionality and updated Rhino specifically for new subd stuff in GH,
seems to be quite a big bug - so any ETA of when you’ll provide a service fix for this ?

Hi @jkozniewski

Sorry for the delay - the good news is this bug is now found and fixed (and it was also affecting the fuse component). This fix will be in the next service release. I’m going to also try and get it into the service release candidate, which usually goes out every Tuesday.

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Oh - that’s a great news @DanielPiker, thanks a lot !
I’d be grateful if you could push it for next RC version - actually just switched update mode to include candidates versions in hope that it might have been fixed :slight_smile:
Just for reference - what’s the schedule for regular service updates (in case it won’t happen for RC) ?

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SR4 went out 8 days ago, and I believe the official SR5 will go out around 4 weeks from now.

oh - so I realllyyyyy hope the fix is going to be be included in release candidate then :slight_smile:

@DanielPiker uh… seems that it didn’t make to this SR candidate :frowning: ?
any chance it’s gonna be included in next candidate, like next Tuesday ?

any updates on this bug?

Hi @drico-gomez
For anyone waiting on this now - to save you waiting for the next Service Release I’m posting here the fixed version of just the MultiPipe component which should work properly also on Mac.
MultiPipeTempFix.gha (30.5 KB)