Bug: Multipipe from Trimesh

when i try to Multipipe duplicate edges from a simple Mesh produced in grasshopper i get weird results, i can rebuild the curves as much as i want it does not change anything.

but when i redraw the few curves at each exact location the outputs it as expected at least i got it to work once, does not seem to happen now anymore tough.

i dont seem to find anything weird with the curves… rebuilding something similar from scratch always works out.

unnamed.gh (4.9 KB)

unnamed.3dm (2.9 MB)

@DanielPiker i had the feeling i saw some similar problems posted a while ago, not sure if that is related

it seems to work as it should in R7.9.21196.7001, 2021-07-15

the only relevant difference I see is on the manually rebuilt version is because the bottom line is one entire segment, so the node in the middle is not created

maybe I’m completely missing the point :slight_smile:

bon giorno inno, thanks for having a look. i tried both with continuous and separated curves below, that is not the problem, there is something strange with the geometry which comes out of grasshopper. to be fair i also just baked out the trimesh result and used multipipe in rhino without grasshopper.

i also have a mac… no idea

Hi @encephalon,
There was a bug in the tolerances affecting some types of coplanar or very close to coplanar nodes that I fixed a while back (at least in the Grasshopper component).
It looks the Rhino command is still using some of the old functions. If you do the MultiPipe in Grasshopper both sets of curves work. I’ll get the Rhino command updated to fix the bug there too.