Multiline data panel "search shortcut"?

Does there exist a “search shortcut” for a multiline data panel I don’t know about?
I often want to quickly create a panel with 2-5 numbers in a list.

EDIT: “search” shortcut



Hi Ivelin,
Thanks for the quick respons.
Unfortunately not what I’m looking for.

If I want to create a panel with the number 42. I’m searching: “//42” press “enter” and I have a panel with 42… I’m looking for something similar but with a multiline data panel… :slight_smile:

after doing what I said above you can create multi-line data inside

TBH I don’t quite understand what you look for, make a sketch or picture or something.

Yup, thanks I know… I’m looking for a shortcut. :grin: #lazy

use DuplicateData

nope… to sec…

you can create user object


prepare the panel and then set NickName to search it with

I just remenber this discussion

By default it will be better to have multiline enabled ! Wait for GH2 but hopefully rightclick is there :sweat_smile:

you mean shortcuts from search menu. For instance searching -1 or +1 will make addition or subtraction components set already to + or -1. I remember being a list of all shortcuts like that but I cannot find it at the moment.

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yup… like -10<3.14<10 gives the slider: -10.00 to 10.00 starting at 3.14

List is here


Its not those (although that is a good list) it’s the search bar shortcut tricks he seeks :smiley:

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Oups I put this one in my favorite !! Updated the list
FAQ on old grasshopper site is useful

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ahah, good ol FAQ. Here is that list

thomas2 Doesn’t seem to be a multi line shortcut unfortunately.


Oh, Actually quite a few I didn’t knew! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Indeed, one problem is that the searchbox is not in fact multi-line. The only solution which springs to mind is that I parse the input text for C-style char codes like \t for tab, \n and \r for newline etc. But that still wouldn’t set the multi-line option to true or false.


pstt… “Panel” + “Advance Panel” :sunglasses:

btw… one thing I like in Dynamo is codeblocks.
feature request: A panel/codeblock “advance panel something” in Grasshopper… would be awesome! :open_mouth: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: but please don’t make a new language like “designscript” #facepalm.