Grasshopper Keyword Shortcuts

I have a question is there somewhere a list of shortcuts for component creating?

For example:
you could just type ‘1…10’ and it will make a slider from 1 to 10. You’ll achieve the same result by typing ‘1<10’.
By typing ’ "10 ’ you will make a panel with text 10 in it. Today I found out that you can type ‘//10’ as well.
There are many more obvious examples as ‘+1’, ‘-1’, ‘/2’, etc.

On the other side there are some elements you are not able to search by name, for example, Create point you will not find by typing ‘point’ neither ‘create’ but you will get it on the list by typing ‘xyz’. What the magic!

So where are the rules writen? Or it is just a hide & seek game for advanced users?

There might be more now, but here’s an old list: