Multiblend? ...or swipe across 3 rails?


I am tring so hard to solve this problem, even using Autodesk Shape modeling multiblend didn’t do the trick.

As you can see in the picture, there is a portion of a model I am working on right now. It is a pipe that splits in 3 pieces. I need to close smoothly the gap created by this.

did anyone had this issue before? how did you solve it?

i annex the model, hope it helps :slight_smile:

triple.3dm (677.1 KB)

my best attempt has been to sweep up to the center and then patch the edges together… the results is very far from what i need to obtain, but it might inspire alt. solution :slight_smile:

I have a few problem’s like you have, and i use a few commands and various sweep’s.
I try to do the biggest part of the geometry with sweep 2, but after that i have to use a few different commands like:

  • splitatisocurve
  • adjustable curve blend
  • trim
    and continuously see if environment map is perfect.

See this tutorials:

I followed this tutorial and made some progress.

as the tutorial does, I basically sweep two portion of aeach arc and then patch the Y-shaped opening.

This way I obtained a closed pol-isurface (in the picture just the portion of interest), still the surfaces are very far from being nice and smooth :frowning:

I’d rebuild some of the geometry you’re working with (if it’s not essential for the internal surfaces to be exact)

It’s not perfect, I didn’t spend an awful lot of time on it.

If you look at it from the right hand side you can see that I exploded it and then extended the surfaces and trimmed them all level with a curve and worked on it from there.

There was a lot of split edge and blend surface action to quickly knock it out so you have something to work with if you want to try and do it yourself.

Example_01.3dm (1.1 MB)

Now, if you want to improve your work try to:

  • rebuild lines with the same number of points before you make the sweep’s
  • use the different possibilities in sweep… rebuild with… refit within…