MultiBlend mess [Solved!]

Cut out from original model. The purple ones are original surfaces/trimmed off.
No naked edges, but it looks like a patch work! erh…
Any good ways to make it cleaner?
Been using sweep1 or sweep2 most of the time.
Don’t like patch too much as it kinda squeezes things in…

Multiblendmess.3dm (11.6 MB)

Thinking now to make an island surface in the middle first… and sweep around…

uhhh, that indeed is a mess :smiley:

i fiddled around on it forgot to save it but you can clean up a little without digging into the whole structure and how it was made, by just duplicating the boarders here as indicated. you may have to use mergeEdge first then dupboarder, one needed match with merge to create a continuous curve and maybe use fitcrv on them befor using sweep. then use Sweep2 with the curved curves as rails, that gave me a pretty one surface only surface. edgesrf and networks srf all created a warped boarder.

you can also use fitSrf on the surrounding surfaces with the same degree and 0.01 tolerance
to clean them up a bit.

generally the topology could be rethought a little, for example why would you have 3 sharp edges pointing towards the purple surfaces but one points into a straight edge as seen on the picture on the upper right edge of that red line.

Thank you for the feedback.
fitSrf… never played with that command before…

and forgotten abaout match command to merge duplicated edges…

Thing with duplicated edges though, I encounter non-tangent surfaces as they becomes curves.

If there was a command to merge the edges of objects which are not-mergable to be used in sweep/networksrf/and others… that’d be nice…

I’ll play around with it a little more till I get used to a good approach to solving the problem.
And rethinking the initial curves more seems like an easier approach than trying to get into the mess in the first place… getting rid of the sharp corners becomes a mess. Maybe I’ll trim a bit to create more space…

Hi Toshiaki - here’s a somewhat similar situation… keep it simple as long as possible…

BubbleR_PG2_V5.3dm (496.9 KB)


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Thank you pascal, I’ll have a look tomorrow.

Can’t seem to get those pointed areas to have continuous surface…
I guess since the isocurves get squished that area just plumps up…

For the point of convergence, how did you decide on the height?
Also did you get the curves as blendcrv to that point from other reference curves?(I wondered how the tangency is kept at the point)

Hi Toshiaki - in this case the height is set by the height of the full round vertical sections



I see. Thank you.
Is there any tool that catches the heighest point in the round vertical sections?
(based on world plane X-Y)

Getting much better, still a little bit of discontinuity. I used sweep2, but maybe I’ll try with others as well.

Thank you for your fiile. It really helps! That one’s a keeper for the multiblend.

not perfect yet, but for the time being satisfactory.
I’m glad this is stainless and gets a little shaved and polished on the surface.
But better done than not.

In the end, at the point where all the curves meet made a large enough
circle and trimmed a circular surface and pached it.
looks pretty good.
Thanks again for you tip! Really helped!