Multi surfaces project curve


(beginner here) So, I would like to create a boundary around a site with vertical ribs (reference photo). However, I’m not sure how to go about creating a seamless model that goes around the site (as indicated by the surfaces drawn). It is created by separate surface at each corner.
I have done each wall separately, but the corners are not great especially if I want to fabricate it. Ideally, I’d like fillet corners, however that creates another surface that I’d have to separately consider.
How can I consolidate this into one open structure that has fillet corners and is also not closed?
If I assign multiple surfaces to the Surface Param, when I try to project the curve for the rib, I only get a singular output and not all walls/sections are considered. So far, I’ve tried grouping the walls in X direction and Y-direction and doesn’t work.
I hope I am making sense…
*EDIT: I’ve updated my structure to go all the way around the site now, but the same problem remains.

Thanks in advance!

2. Structure.3dm (19.3 MB) 2. (25.7 KB)

Upload a copy of your script and model:

I would just have all your surfaces in a tree and use the normal vector to direct it outside.

Thank you for your reply, can you please explain how do use a tree? There are several and I’m not quite sure how to do what you suggested.

Thank you

Here is how I would do it.
you would create a single surface wrapping around your building.
and then use perp frames to create the slices.

2. (219.0 KB) 2. Structure.3dm (19.6 MB)

Wow, so much to learn! I would not have thought about it your way. Thank you very much. I’m gonna review it more. Really appreciate it!