Multi Part Mold for 3d model

I am trying to find a way to mold 3d model which can not be mold in common two part.

the mold will be 3d printed and i have no concern about number of parts.
my current try is to create box mold by finding “surface mold points” which is going to make path for splitting model then extrude or loft to reach the bounding box face.
ill appreciate any help or advice to solve this. (762.2 KB)

I am not yet sure of what is the best process to do such thing. But it seems that a first process could be done using Mesh Iso Splitting. Here I used the angle between mesh normal at vertex and Z direction.

Using some Catmull & Clark subdivision could lead to smoother frontiers (763.0 KB)

Then there is still work to be done, splitting meshes with holes …

A better way could be to make clusters with some angles limitation … still work to do


As always Thank you so much master
I think cluster you mentioned is so promising and i will try to do that too.