Any solid mould making Rhino Plugin/technique

Hey guys, I’m coming up with a side project. I want to redefine the shape of my piggy bank “Fat Rosie” and want to make a smart mould (the less parts the better, preventing undercuts) Is there anyone who knows a proper approach? Link or Plugin that would be super streamline? Spoke with a ceramics girl yesterday and want to put it on sale asap. Hannes

Which 3D data are present ?
Nurbs or Mesh ?

@eddi actually I can deal with both (working with TSplines or Modo polygonalwise).
Just to have a solid strategy also for next projects. Know that SenSable Arm software is good at this, but don’t want another big software package.

You’ll have to decide how many mold parts you want.
With a simple two-part mold you’ll have to modify your model quite a bit, with a three-part or four-part mold you’ll be able to better keep the look you have now.
Will the mold be made of solid material? What is the minimum draft angle? Will the parting line be visible, will it be sanded down?