Multi-faced Surface Pattern in Grasshopper

Hello all!

I am new to Rhino and GH. I am trying to import multiple faces that are knitted into a single surface body from Solidworks, and model a pattern on the surface using GH. My issue is that it seems like GH only wants a single face, but my pattern needs to cross face boundaries.

Ultimately I am trying to create cylinders that follow the cross section lines of the surface, but I would settle for just cross sectional curves. The four faces that make the surface body are tangent to eachother.

How do I structure the GH commands to accomplish this?

Thank you for your help!

sounds like you have a Brep
you can either rebuild/refit it into a Surface if your “boundaries” are NOT so much creases. Or make your own patterning logic that doesn’t depend on surface parameterization

in any case we’d be all more helpful if you could share a snippet