Muffin with rectangular base?


I’ve got this question: How to create this muffin with a reactangular base:,9066.0.html

Any ideas?

Muffin.3dm (135.8 KB)



My high-school German is very rusty, so skimming through the flexicad thread didn’t help much in understanding what really is wanted. There is no sketch or reference of what is wanted.

That said, maybe something like this?


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Thanks. This looks quite nice to me. Lets wait what Jan is saying.

In that case I selected, in turn one edge connecting to the bottom square. Then I used the command _InsertEdge with Both Sides set to Yes and use absolute positioning. Each corner edge I did in turn. One corner looks like this in flat mode

That looks exactly what I am aiming for, I’ll try that out tomorrow.
Many thanks, Nathan, for your answer, and to Micheal for your help!
Best regards - Jan

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Tried it out: works like a charm! Thanks again!

Have fun!